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  • Healthcare NOW Podcast: Nader Samii & Matt Litzelfelner - HEALTHCARE NOW RADIO AND PODCAST NETWORK: NADER SAMII & MATT LITZELFELNER FROM FINANCE FOR NATIONAL MEDICAL BILLING SERVICES Presented by: Jeff Lin, Nader Samii and Matt Litzelfelner Host Jeff Lin is joined by Nader Samii, CEO and Matt Litzelfelner, SVP of Finance for National Medical Billing Services. They discuss the ever-changing landscape of healthcare payments […]
  • Cardiology procedures in ASCs – Lisa Rock and Dr. Vijay Swarup – Becker’s Healthcare Podcast - Lisa Rock of National Medical Billing Services and Dr. Vijay Swarup of Arizona Heart Rhythm Center discuss the move of cardiology procedures to ASCs, the benefits for surgeons and patients, and best practices for ASCs looking to add cardiovascular into their centers. Listen to the full interview here: Becker’s Healthcare Podcast
  • ASC Revenue Cycle in Today’s Changing Environment – Becker Group Podcast – Lisa Rock - Scott Becker interviews Lisa Rock, President of National Medical Billing Services on the current landscape of ASC revenue cycle, how this has changed since COVID-19, as well as her best tips for entrepreneurs in the space. Listen to the interview here.
  • Recorded Webinar: Growing a Business in the Era of COVID-19 - This webinar focused on the following 2 questions: 1. What is working in building a business currently? What is not working? 2. What are your best 2 to 3 pieces of advice for growing business in this era? This webinar has 4 great panelists including: Amber McGraw Walsh, Partner at McGuireWoods Sheila Matuscak, Co-Founder/CEO of […]
  • Recorded Webinar: Business Strategy – How to Survive then Thrive - This webinar discussed two questions: 1. Your three best thoughts on business survival and leadership right now. 2. What does recovery look like? What should companies do to prepare for it? This webinar has 5 great panelists including: Holly Buckley, Partner Chair of Life Sciences and Healthcare McGuireWoods Tom Gimbel, CEO LaSalle Network Christian Berger, […]
  • National Medical Billing Services President Lisa Rock Interviews with Scott Becker for Becker’s Healthcare Podcast - Scott Becker of Becker’s Healthcare interviews Lisa Rock, National Medical Billing Services President, about her experiences at National Medical and planning for success. Scott Becker, publisher of Becker’s Healthcare, recently interviewed Lisa Rock, Founder and President of National Medical Billing Services, for a feature in Becker’s Healthcare Podcast. The interview addresses Lisa’s advice to fellow […]
  • National Medical Billing Services CEO Nader Samii Interviews with Scott Becker for Becker’s Healthcare Podcast - Scott Becker of Becker’s Healthcare interviews Nader Samii, National Medical Billing Services CEO, about revenue cycle business Becker’s Healthcare is known as the primary source of business and legal information for executives in the healthcare industry. Their portfolio contains five notable trade publications and utilizes multiple digital platforms to distribute E-Weeklies, webinars and more. Scott […]