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National Medical Encourages Growth, Teamwork Among Staff

National Medical Encourages Growth, Teamwork Among Staff

National Medical Billing Services in Wildwood, Mo., specializes in providing billing and coding services to freestanding ASCs across the country. The company’s over 50 employees, led by Lisa Rock, president and CEO, say that NMBS has provided a great culture of growth and teamwork.

NMBS has seen much success in spite of a struggling economy. One employee says, “This company has proven time and again that it is growing [by] leaps and bounds. It continues to hire and promote newer employees than any company I have worked for in the past.”

The company rewards its employees for meeting goals and beating national benchmarks, not only with monetary rewards, but other incentives such as paid time off, shopping trips, bowling, and lunches as well.

Team building exercises are also crucial to NMBS’s success. Another employee says, “[The activities] keep morale high, which directly impacts the high level of service we are able to provide. Still a growing company, there is endless opportunity for employees to step-up and take their career to the next level and beyond.”

Senior management provides a fairly relaxed environment while encouraging staff members to advance their careers. One staff member says, “Here at NMBS we have a relaxed environment. We are not micromanaged, and we are treated like adults. In return, we are motivated to exceed performance goals and to add to the success of NMBS.”

A flexible work schedule supports NMBS’s commitment to its workers and their families. An employee says, “There are a lot of places that say they are family-oriented, but this one is. We all work very hard, and if one has a family emergency, you know your job will still be here, and everyone make sure your job is done [while you are gone]. Most of all, there is no limit to what you can learn, and Lisa’s door is open to anyone with a problem or who wants to learn more.”

This open-door policy has helped to handle problems that arise, ensuring the team atmosphere is maintained. “The ambiance of the office is outstanding for coming to work every day,” one employee says. “The staff gets along exceptionally well, and the teamwork among all the staff is outstanding as well.”

Another staff member says, “In my work experience, I have found that it is very difficult to express new ideas or even concerns to senior management. On the contrary, here at NMBS, with Lisa’s open-door policy, I am comfortable presenting new ideas. She encourages it, making the atmosphere feel more like a family than your traditional business office.”

A positive environment has enabled NMBS to provide great customer service to its clients. An employee says, “We are all adults here, and we know in order to make our clients happy, we need to work hard to get the best results. I believe that each and every one of us wants to achieve that goal.”

Another employee agrees: “There is a sense of family and community here that you won’t find in most other workplaces — where bickering, fighting, gossiping and back-stabbing pollute the environment and lead to disgruntled employees. Although the employees here work in a high-stress environment, none of these things exist here on a substantial level. I believe a direct correlation can be drawn from this to the enjoyment employees have in their positions.”

Ref. Becker’s Healthcare

This post was first published April 8, 2010 and was updated July 29, 2020.



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