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National Medical Billing Services Coding Team to Speak at OAASC Coding Conference 2016

National Medical Billing Services Coding Team to Speak at OAASC Coding Conference 2016

Industry-leading RCM provider will offer full day of coding education and compliance

A key team of revenue cycle specialists from National Medical Billing Services is in Ohio today to present at the Ohio Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (OAASC) Coding Conference.  Tamara Wagner, Vice President of Performance Review, CPC, and nationally recognized medical coders, Alison Kuley, CPC, and Wendy Horton, CPC, join the OAASC to assist its members in sharpening their knowledge and skills in ASC coding.

The past year has been a challenging time in coding and billing especially with the implementation of ICD-10. This conference was developed to help Ohio ASCs learn the details regarding the most common ICD-10 errors and what their staff can do to ensure compliant coding to receive correct reimbursement.

The conference includes a full day of education on the following: General Surgery, GI, Eye, ENT, Orthopedic, Pain, and Spine. 


The mission of the OOASC is to enhance the quality of care in Ohio ambulatory surgery centers. The association provides legislative and regulatory representation for ASCs to advocate their interests and those of their patients as well as promote public awareness of ASCs. The OOASC acts as spokesperson and representative to present the views of ASCs in appropriate forums. The group encourages high standards of professional conduct by organizations providing ambulatory surgical care and provide opportunities for members to enhance their ambulatory surgical care practices and methods. They support members in their expanding roles and responsibilities in meeting community health needs and promote effectiveness and efficiency through professional development, exchange of ideas, and leadership. Lastly, they conduct and promote education, research and collection of other information relating to the ambulatory surgical field.


This post was first published June 8, 2016 and was updated July 22, 2022.



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