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ASC Leader to Know: Lisa Rock

ASC Leader to Know: Lisa Rock

Lisa Rock is the president of National Medical Billing Services, which specializes in freestanding outpatient surgery center coding and billing.

Ms. Rock has more than 25 years of experience in the surgery center industry. Prior to joining National Medical Billing Services, Ms. Rock worked as director of training and education for Mid-Atlantic Medical Services and vice president of business office operations for an ASC development and management company. She has also managed physician practices.

In a recent interview with CEO Nader Samii, Ms. Rock explains five ways to build a great billing and collections business, including appointing centralized leadership with strong oversight.

“You need to have supervisors and upper management in the departments to keep all of the wheels turning,” Ms. Rock said. “Those who are most experienced will be the best leaders.”

For example, a hospital CEO couldn’t easily transition into the ASC administrator role and vice versa. Leaders must have experience in the revenue cycle setting before taking on their role. “If you are going to manage billing and coding, you need the proper training and communication skills to provide that oversight,” she said. “When all of those things are accomplished, you will have a good foundation for growth.”


Ref. Becker’s Healthcare

This post was first published September 19, 2012 and was updated July 29, 2020.



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