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CMS Recoupment of Advanced / Accelerated Payments Has Not Begun

CMS Recoupment of Advanced / Accelerated Payments Has Not Begun

According to Modern Healthcare, CMS has not begun garnishing the Medicare Advanced / Accelerated payments that totaled more than $100 billion in relief funding for healthcare providers during the early months of the public health emergency. Those providers who received advanced payments expected recoupment to begin after four months-time based on the 120-day grace period outlined in the CMS initiative. With this deadline having passed for many, it has become clear that the recoupments have not started.

There is speculation that the delay in recoupment is the result of significant lobbying by state and national associations representing these healthcare providers, further review of provider relief by CMS, as well as the potential for additional stimulus sitting in Congress. Both House Democrats’ and Senate Republicans’ comprehensive proposals for another COVID-19 relief package would relax the loan terms, but negotiations have stalled with no agreement in sight.

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This post was published September 3, 2020.



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