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Medical Coding And Billing Audits

National Medical has the most knowledgeable and experienced ASC and surgical focused certified medical coders in the healthcare industry. And we combine that unparalleled experience with innovative technologies to create a workflow process that the revenue cycle industry has never experienced. The medical coding results . . . Intelligent. Accurate. Compliant. And Timely.


Our certified surgical medical coders have experience coding in over 40 states around the nation, allowing us to be familiar with multiple state and carrier specific coding guidelines. We are also highly experienced in virtually every surgical specialty, including pain management, orthopedics, spine, ophthalmology, gastrointestinal, ENT, OB/GYN, urology, general surgery and others.

This deep and broad experience provides our clients with a team of medical coding experts who ensure that our clients are properly documenting their medical records so that we can maximize their revenue in a compliant fashion. It also provides our clients with experts who can research and solve the most difficult and complex coding scenarios, and help guide you through challenging payer relationships.


Our medical coding expertise is at the core of our audit process, but we bolster that with a team of experts at each step of the revenue cycle to evaluate the quality, accuracy and efficiency of the entire revenue cycle for ASCs and surgical practices. We utilize national and local benchmarks to evaluate your performance against numerous key performance indicators, including coding accuracy and timeliness and its impact on reimbursement, days to bill, days to post payments, how quickly rejections are worked, days to pay, by payer, among other critical metrics.

We provide this information in an easy to digest format that leaves the ASCs and surgical practices with actionable information to improve their operation and financial performance.