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International Nurses Day: National Medical Celebrates Our Nursing Professionals

International Nurses Day: National Medical Celebrates Our Nursing Professionals

Nursing is one of the fine arts; I had almost said ‘the finest of fine arts.’– Florence Nightingale

No matter how you choose to celebrate International Nurses Day, taking time to recognize your nursing staff or co-workers can make a huge difference. At National Medical, we’re proud to honor our healthcare professionals.


Meet Marta, who joined National Medical 3 years ago. She’s been a nurse for 49 years. She started her career as a Registered Nurse in the operating room as an Open-Heart Surgical Nurse, then moved into directing the management of surgical operations as well as sales, medical consulting, and group purchasing for major medical industries. Marta is our Senior Manager of Training and Education. She helps our growing team keep up with industry trends by providing support with the Hospitals Without Walls Program, as well as coding, medical industry updates, and COVID-19 updates. In her free time, Marta likes to volunteer with Different Dynamics, which supports people with disabilities through music. She also likes to travel and spend time with family and friends.


Meet Virginia, who joined National Medical’s coding department 10 years ago to learn the business side of medicine. She’s been a nurse for 11 years, starting out in skilled nursing facilities, and she’s now one of our top gastroenterology coders. She also codes for prestigious multi-specialty hospital systems and is one of our go-to Epic coders. Virginia has five kids and enjoys planting flowers, cooking, and watching her kids’ concerts and sports events.


Meet Kylie, who’s been with National Medical for 5 years. She’s our Senior Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs – and she’s also a nurse of 15 years. She works with our National Medical clients directly on more complex revenue cycle and operations matters and she supports the National Medical team with expertise on state and federal regulation and legislation. Kylie is also National Medical’s Compliance and Privacy Officer, working with leaders and teammates to ensure continued compliance in an ever-changing healthcare environment. Through her oversight of National Medical’s audit program, Kylie ensures that the organization and its clients are set up with the resources they need to be successful. If you haven’t met Kylie through one of her many speaking engagements at conferences across the nation where she shares industry insights and best practices, you’ll be sure to find her in Washington, DC meeting with lawmakers to further healthcare reform efforts while advocating for legislation that will positively impact National Medical’s client base.

In her free time, Kylie loves to travel. Exploring foreign countries where she can dive into new people, cultures, and history fuels her appreciation for constant growth and development. From a weekend in the Amazon to the highest mountains on earth, Kylie will say yes to any opportunity to explore!


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This post was first published May 12, 2022 and was updated May 31, 2022.